The work of British artist, Bryony Bensly, has been described as demonstrating "consummate artistic training, not just in the lavish and assured application of paint, but in accurate anatomical drawing - whose mastery is so complete she can deconstruct figures at will," by Jan Adlmann, critic, curator, and former assistant director of the Guggenheim.

After graduating, cum laude, from the New York Academy of Figurative Art in 2004, she was awarded an Artist-in-Residence by the Historic Santa Fe Foundation for 3 years.

With a background in sculpture, Bensly now focuses completely on magical realist oil paintings, referencing stories and art, myths and legends, "to find common ground for discourse, a platform upon which we can connect." 
Her current body of work focuses on animals, especially endangered species, wishing to give a voice to those who cannot speak.



The aim is to convey “the preciousness of this planet and the life it sustains as we face environmental and political challenges. I wish to celebrate all the beauty that surrounds us - which
in turn, reflects all that is within.”

Bryony Bensly is the recipient of several awards and is represented by Richard J. Demato Fine Arts in New York. She currently lives in MA, painting and teaching classical art.